We checked out Trinoma yesterday, which actually turned out to be a some sort of a misadventure for us. First, we got a little lost finding out our way to the entrance. I think a number of first timers have this story. Secondly, the aircon wasn’t working well, which makes our stay in the mall a bit unpleasant. Anyway, moving on…this post is not about trinoma.

We had dinner at Aveneto. I was craving for some pizza, but had enough of pizza hut and yellow cab for the past week so this was a welcomed change.

As we enter the place, we could already smell the italian pizza and pasta that customers have learned to love from this place.

I just love their mozarella!

┬áJamille is into potato stuff so we ordered their platter which included fries and their version of potato balls (together with chicken and crab sticks). And my hubby just have to have pizza. Too bad we couldn’t order pasta…coz that would be too much for us to eat already. We were all stuffed!

Just a little detail that caught my fancy is their ranch dressing. I had to like ask for 2 more servings of it! I’m just sooo into ranch dressings lately. Can you guys recommend a brand of ranch dressing and where I could buy it?

Definitely a hearty platter


good combination: great food + great company

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