Brownies Unlimited (Food Stalls at the Mall Series – part 3)

Don’t you just love the smell of freshly baked brownies? Mmmmm…I have very fond memories of passing by the walkway from SM Annex (which is now in ruins) going to the main building and be greeted by the smell of these divine brownies of Brownies Unlimited! The smell itself is great advertising already!

It’s great that they have assorted packs. Of course you’d wanna taste the variety of brownies that they have. My mom would usually buy these and we’d usually cut each piece into three so that my brother and I can also taste each one of them.

This is the type of food that you just don’t munch on. The way to eat these goodies is to savor every bite. Let your taste buds dwell on every morsel.

It’s even greater that they have also come up with other products besides brownies. Their chocolate cake really looks very sinful! Have you tried their Samba? I’ve also noticed their display of cupcakes which is really pleasing to the eyes. I guess they came up with this line of products due to the emergence of popularity of cupcakes lately. I’ve always wanted to try it out and I have just recently succumbed to my craving. In fairness, the packaging looks really cute since it comes with a box even if you’re only buying a piece. I really appreciate this since I don’t wanna mess up my cupcake’s icing. As I bite into my cupcake, I can taste the overpowering buttercream (which I ultimately did not finish), but the cake itself is really good! I probably should have tried one with chocolate icing instead. I think I would’ve enjoyed that much better.

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  2. yeah… really tasty brownies… yummmmm…..
    love brownies..

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